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what i can do

I have rich experience in building award-winning projects and high-complexity solutions in the field of digital technology, including AI-powered products (natural language processing, text generation, computer vision, etc.). If you require expertise in any of the listed spheres or adjacent topics, feel free to reach out.


  • Leading Research & Development units, full app lifecycle (idea-to-launch)
  • Concept creation and ideation for complex digital products and experiences
  • Planning and creating AI-driven workflows (prompt engineering, automation, acceleration, scaling)
  • Agile or waterfall project delivery
  • Value-oriented application of AI-technologies
  • Utility-oriented application of blockchain technologies
  • Management in fully remote or hybrid environments


  • Public Speaking (keynotes, workshops, presenting on scientific conferences)
  • Presentation design (pitches and reports)
  • Facilitating and leading stakeholder meetings
  • Gathering client requirements
  • Curating quality assurance
  • Software development in regulated fields
  • Projects delivery for governmental agencies
  • Lean business planning (value proposition for brands and businesses)
  • Business and product strategy
  • Market and competition research
  • Experiments/Research design
  • Project estimation (research, design, development, QA-tests, maintenance)
  • Organization of events and workshops (on-site, online including VR)
  • Publications & Papers (writing and reviewing)


  • Software concept design (including AI-powered applications)
  • Software architecture design
  • Python-, Swift-based rapid prototyping
  • Algorithmic and AI-driven data analysis (e.g. user behavior, market research, etc.)
  • Creation of the block schemes, solution maps, user journeys, personas and technical documentation
  • Wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes creation (Figma)
  • Advanced skills in field of knowledge base and project management software (Notion, Asana, Google Sheets etc.) and software-based automation

If you require expertise in any of the listed spheres or adjacent topics, feel free to reach out.