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I can amplify your project with bleeding edge technology or scale existing things up. Read on to find out more.

What I can help you with

I am proficient in various spheres around digital technology, AI, medical technology, business, and my track record is proven.

Consider picking my expertise into your business to amplify, accelerate, innovate.

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I do consulting in the fields I feel the most proficient. You can consider reaching out for a one-time consulting or a long-term partnership proposition.

Process of consulting usually looks like this:

  1. Understanding needs (definition of done)
  2. Ideate (brainstorming, research, market analysis, etc.)
  3. Research technical implications (feasibility & complexity)
  4. Document: what will it take to build your solution (technical stack, timeline, team composition, cost estimation, etc.)

We can go places from there:

  • Prototyping (click dummy, proof of concept, depending on what you need)
  • Briefs for developers and designers
  • Roadmap with milestones
  • Overseeing the process of execution
  • Organizing QA and user tests
  • Planning and executing launch
  • Report and technical documentation


I launched several award-winning projects, wrote and co-authored several publications, and researched probably hundreds of topics. So if you require some work to be done, here is what you can expect if you work with me:

  • Digital innovation technology. You hire me to brainstorm with you on your ideas. I bring expertise and implementable ideas.
  • AI solutions brainstorm & prototyping. You describe your problem, I come up with an AI solution for it and show you a proof of concept within an agreed period (ChatGPT based, multi-agent setups, ChatGPT actions creation, etc.).
    • Rapid in-depth research on the topic of your choice within my sphere of competence. You tell me what you need to research, I do the research and provide full well-structured documentation starting with a short easy-to-understand explanation.
    • Architecture creation for your system. You describe me your (future) service, I provide you with a scheme of service (full plan for your upcoming solution or figuring out how your existing one works).
    • Rapid prototyping. You share with me your idea, I do the research myself and provide you with either low-fidelity prototypes in Figma, create of proof of concepts for algorithms and workflows (can be wrapped in GUI).
  • Business and investment in Kazakhstan for non-Kazakhstan companies. I can guide you through processes, attend meetings, and connect you with various actors and decision-makers in Kazakhstan.
  • Business in Germany for non-European companies. I can help you open a company in Germany, assist with market research, and connect you with various actors and decision-makers in fields of digital technology, advertisement, healthcare industry, academia, and education, etc.
  • Medical technology. You hire me to perform market analysis and figure out the state of the art in a given medtech field.
  • Digital efficiency. You have an inefficient workflow? I can analyze your needs and provide you with proven methods to improve (e.g., company and personal knowledge management, automated workflows, AI-assisted workflows, etc.).
  • Video games. You hire me to test your game, I come up with prioritized, cost-effective, and actionable improvement ideas for your game. I can provide expertise evaluation for your sci-fi game (e.g., futuristic cyberpunk titles, digital security, medical devices, etc.).

Obviously, we can sign an NDA before we start working on your ideas.


  • In-depth workshops or lectures about technological topics for your employees or clients. You give me a topic, which should be related to my sphere of competence, I create a workshop/lecture for you and perform either myself or in cooperation with your team.
  • Effective tool usage workshop. I can give you a workshop about how to speed up any task in your company by using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, including no-code AI assistant usage, prompt engineering, etc.
  • Negotiations with potential partners, clients, or investors. You provide me with a brief, I prepare a negotiation strategy and, on demand, perform negotiations for you.

Reach out and we will figure out how we can help each other.